How Olivia Colman Stole Our Hearts

Being from Britain, Olivia Colman has always been a national treasure. From starring in BBC dramas such as Broadchurch and The Night Manager, and many iconic films being The Lobster, most recently The Favourite and a favourite of mine (pun intended) Hot Fuzz.

Olivia Colman in Broadchurch – source: IMDb

Taking It Back

The first memory I have of a character Olivia Colman played was in an episode of Skins, a very well known television show here in the UK and I’m sure it’s well known worldwide by now. She only starred in one episode, but I re-watched Skins so many times that it’s become stuck in my memory forever. Whereas for most of the UK, her most notorious role was in the highly dramatic BBC drama Broadchurch. Olivia plays a detective alongside another British treasure, David Tenant, in a fictional town named Broadchurch, funnily enough! The series first began in 2013 and ended with a third series in 2017. The whole show focuses on crime and hard hitting topics which often left viewers with a cliff-hanger each episode.

“For The Greater Good”

If you do not know this quote, I am ashamed. You must stop whatever you’re doing at this very moment, and press play on the hysterical work of art Edgar Wright brought to life which was Hot Fuzz.

Hot Fuzz. Source: IMDb

I tend to quote this film on a daily basis because life’s too short not to. I recall the time I was 12, sat in my friends house feeling guilty/nervous that she was about to make me watch my first certificate 15 film without my mothers permission, but I can’t thank her enough. Olivia plays the ditsy PC Doris Thatcher, with no filter. Doris blurts out the lines that you shouldn’t be hearing at 12. This film to me is British humour at its peak, and Olivia brings so much personality to this role that it doesn’t look forced in any way and that’s because its not, she’s so natural and down to earth which is why I think she the whole world has taken a big liking to her so quickly.

Our Favourite

The Favourite showcased Olivia’s talent and her grace to the world and put us under her spell. It’s a truly magnificent talent she holds and it makes me so happy that she is finally being honored for it.

The Favourite. Source: IMDb

Awards season did their job correctly for once by presenting Olivia with a Golden Globe, BAFTA, AACTA, Austin Films Critic Award and most importantly delivered on Sunday the 24th of February 2019, an Academy Award!

Emma’s Stones reaction resonated with us all as she wept hard with Olivia’s husband. My heart was so full as this was a big thing for us Brits, seeing a local treasure win an Oscar against so many huge Hollywood stars is very unknown and rare.

Speeches are usually boring most of the time, with people thanking their agents, but not when you are Olivia Colman. Again, her personality is what we love most; we feel on her level, we feel the things she feels and we feel her gratitude. I was disappointed by the rest of the evening but this won me over and has become by far my favourite Oscar moment of them all.

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